Our School

The Mount Academy is a four-year, non-public high school registered by the Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York.

Our Mission

The mission of The Mount Academy is to inspire young people in the love of Jesus and to equip them for the unique life of service entrusted to each one by God.

Our Goals

  • to inspire young people to dedicate their lives and gifts to Jesus
  • to maintain a safe environment conducive to learning
  • to stimulate and challenge the intellect
  • to foster practical life skills
  • to encourage a healthy, active lifestyle
  • to provide qualifications enabling further education and meaningful employment

Our Values

Faith. All staff members are committed to follow and proclaim Jesus Christ in word and deed.

Respect. We treasure the image of God as it comes to expression in the unique characteristics of each human being.

Service. Each person should contribute his or her faculties, ideas, and interests for the benefit of the whole school community rather than primarily for his or her own personal betterment.

Trust. All members of the school community, including staff, students, and families, are committed to address openly and immediately any concerns that arise with a view to restoring a fully united community of learning.