Frequently Asked Questions

Do you issue diplomas?

Yes. The Mount Academy is authorized by the Board of Regents to issue high school diplomas that are fully recognized under the laws of the State of New York.

Do you have specific graduation requirements?

In order to graduate, students must achieve at least 22 units of credit, including:
English Language Arts – 4 units
Social Studies – 4 units
Mathematics – 3 units
Science – 3.5 units
Arts – 1 unit
Languages Other Than English – 1 unit
Physical Education – 2 units
Electives – 3.5 additional units

Do you accept students who are not from the Bruderhof?

We welcome students of other faiths and of no faith, provided their families support our religious formation and do not actively oppose or reject—in word or in action—the values born of our faith. See our Admissions page for more information.

Do you teach religion?

Religion is not taught as a separate subject, but consideration of Christian values forms an integral part of every course and every activity. Weekly assemblies also challenge students to consider how the message of Jesus is relevant to their own lives and choices.

Do you have a dress code?

We expect students to maintain modesty and accept guidance in all questions of conduct, dress, and appearance. Boys should wear clean, well-fitted clothing and keep their hair cut short. Girls should wear skirts that extend below the knee and keep hair neatly braided or tied back. Makeup and jewelry are not permitted.

Do you have an athletics program?

We currently have one Section IX athletic team: our Boys Cross-Country Team has won the Section D title in New York State for two consecutive years. For all other sports, students from The Mount Academy are able to join athletic teams at Kingston High School.