Art history

Studies of key movements in art are accompanied by the creation of artwork that explores the style studied. Participants gain familiarity with famous artists, movements, and themes, and have opportunities to create artwork using a wide variety of styles.


communications and drama.

Students practice public speaking, voice projection, character building exercises, and learn the arts of script writing and staging a play. 


home economics

Students practice a variety of skills, including cooking, sewing, knitting, crocheting, weaving, and mending.



Studio Art

Participants learn techniques of drawing and painting, and complete several finished pieces using a variety of media and styles.



Students learn to weld metal parts according to work orders, layouts, or blueprints using various welding techniques. Students are trained to plan, lay out, and assemble a variety of welding projects. Safety and correct technique are emphasized. 



Students learn basic skills of carpentry, and gain experience in the use of hand tools, the study of wood types and their applications, as well as planning, drafting, and techniques of wood finishing.